Invasion of Privacy: A Brody Taylor Thriller | Ian Sutherland

Invasion of Privacy: A Brody Taylor Thriller

“Sutherland deftly weaves dramatic, humanly plausible police procedure with very high-level hackery to form a novel both intricately plotted and meticulously produced.” 
Sean Randall, Goodreads Top 50 Reviewer

“Invasion Of Privacy is snappily written by someone who certainly sounds as if he knows his cyber stuff but has a sharp enough turn of phrase to deliver the technobabble in entertaining and enlightening byte-size chunks.” 
Roweena Hoeseason, Amazon Hall of Fame/Top 50 Reviewer

“ All in all I highly recommend this book – equally as enjoyable for women as men!” 
Amazon Reviewer

“I thought I had the baddie pegged at Chapter 2 but no, a great twist, and an ending that had me in tears – and wanting more.” 
Amazon Reviewer

Invasion of Privacy

A brutal killing takes place in an office meeting room in London. The victim is a beautiful young cellist, lured to a fake audition for the Royal Opera House orchestra.

MURDER: Detective Inspector Jenny Price investigates, baffled by how the killer knew so much about the victim.

WEBCAMS: Does the answer lie in a website that broadcasts webcam feeds from inside homes, offices and shops? Expert security consultant Brody Taylor, hired to test the highly secure site’s cyber-defences by its anonymous owner, begins to suspect so.

VOYEURS: As the residents of thousands of households across the country carry on their day-to-day lives, oblivious to the fact that are being observed at all times by the site’s paying customers, one very sadistic voyeur selects his next target, a sultry Swedish au pair.

Thrown together, can Brody and Jenny find a way to bring down the site and track down the serial killer before it’s too late? But can Jenny trust the charming but mysterious security consultant?


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