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Excerpt from Invasion of Privacy Published

I’m proud to announce that an excerpt from Invasion of Privacy has been published in the online magazine, Opening Line. It’s in their August 2013 issue which is themed around the subject of Villains.

The editor, James Harding has the following kind words for me when he reviewed the excerpt:

Can I just say that I really love your use of the second person point of view? It is very uncommon to see this, especially in novel form, and really helps the piece stand out. I particularly like its use alongside the title Invasion of Privacy. Such base acts in the second person are most definitely an invasion of the reader themselves.

August Issue - Villains

Opening Line – August Issue – Villains

You can download the magazine here: http://www.openingline.org. My excerpt is on Page 51 & 52.

My thanks go to James and the team at Opening Line for choosing to include my work in their magazine.

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