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Double Book Launch on August 7th!

Alongside the previously announced launch of INVASION OF PRIVACY, I’m delighted to also announce a brand new novella in the Deep Web Thriller series, entitled SOCIAL ENGINEER. Both books will be launched together next Thursday, August 7th.

Social Engineer is a standalone prequel to Invasion of Privacy and introduces the main character of the Deep Web Thriller Series, Brody Taylor, an elite computer hacker who specialises in hacking the weakest link of all computer systems: the people who use them.

SOCIAL ENGINEER will be available as eBook and paperback. As an introduction to the Deep Web Thriller Series, the eBook version of the novella will be available as a FREE download from all major eBook platforms!! In the UK, the paperback version will retail at  £2.99 and is approximately 60-pages.

Social EngineerHired by a global pharmaceutical company to test their digital defences, elite hacker, Brody Taylor, applies his computer mastery and repertoire of audacious confidence tricks to penetrate their most secure systems.

Can Brody obtain the secret chemical formula for their latest drug?

Are his motivations as pure as they first appear?

Could his new girlfriend somehow be influencing Brody’s actions?

Accurately depicting real-world, modern-day computer hacking techniques, Social Engineer is a standalone novella that introduces Brody Taylor, the elite hacker hero of the Deep Web Thriller series.

INVASION OF PRIVACY will also be available as eBook and paperback. Initially, the eBook will be exclusive to Amazon Kindle at £2.99. However, the paperback will be available for ordering anywhere online and in your local book store. In the UK, it is priced at £9.99 and is approximately 470 pages.

Invasion of PrivacyA serial killer observes his victims from afar . . .
. . . studying their behaviour so that they can be unwittingly lured to their death.

Elite computer hacker, Brody Taylor, attacks an illegal voyeuristic website . . .
. . . stumbling across a killer’s online hunting ground.

London police detective, DI Jenny Price, investigates a brutal murder . . .
. . . struggling to determine how the killer knew so much about the beautiful young cellist.

As hacker and detective embark on an uncomfortable collaboration, the killer lures his next unsuspecting victim . . .

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