What Does Ian Blog About? | Ian Sutherland

Ian enjoys blogging, but never seems to blog regularly enough! His blogs usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • ON WRITING – Ian discusses aspects of writing his novels. From characterisation, to plot to theme and anything else related to the craft of writing fiction.

  • ON HACKING – the plots in Ian’s cyber-crime novels are as technically accurate as he can make them. Ian does lots of research into cybercrime and computer hacking, and occasionally he blogs about what he discovers.

  • ON BEING AN INDIE AUTHOR – like most indie publishers, Ian is self taught on what it takes to self-publish successfully. These posts share Ian’s experiences as an indie-publisher, which he hopes will be of some help other indie authors.

Ian hopes you enjoy his posts and, far more importantly, that you join in the conversation. Blogging is much more fun when a blog post sparks debate.

Ian’s Comment Policy

If I write a blog post, it’s obviously my point of view. Once it’s in the open, though, it then becomes a shared point of view with you, the readers – and your point of view is what builds the discussions around a post. Sometimes you’ll agree with me; other times, not so much. And that’s what makes the comments after a post such a fervent breeding ground for ideas.

I don’t mind if you attack me for my views. I’m big and ugly enough to take it, and it shows me that you’re passionate about a topic – and I would never discourage passion. What I won’t accept, however, is attacking other commenters. They’re like you – simply offering an additional view on the starting topic. If you do then you will be moderated and deleted.