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 Brody Taylor #1

Your private life is streamed live to a global audience. But no one told you about the cameras hidden in your home. And now a killer is watching, learning, planning . . .

Brody Taylor and DI Jenny Price team up to track down a serial killer. Does the answer lie in a highly secure website that broadcasts live feeds from hacked webcams?



 Brody Taylor #2

Brody receives a 'death letter' from a fellow elite hacker, sent a week after his murder. It warns of a cyberweapon that will cause tens of thousands of innocent people to die within twenty-four hours.

 Forget nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. The modern-day weapon of mass destruction is digital. And we're all at risk.



Thriller author, Ian Sutherland was brought up in the Outer Hebrides, remote idyllic islands off the west coast of Scotland. In an effort to escape the monotonous miles of heather, bracken and wild sheep, Ian read avidly, dreaming of one day arriving in a big city like London. And then, at the tender age of twelve, he was unexpectedly uprooted to Peckham, an inner-city suburb of South-East London. Ian quickly discovered that the real London was a damn sight more gritty and violent than the version he’d read about in books and watched on TV. Undeterred, Ian did what he did best, and buried his head back in his books, dreaming of other places to escape to.

Roll forward some years, and Ian can still be found with his head in a book. Or, given that he enjoyed a successful career in the IT industry, an eBook Reader. And now, having travelled a fair bit of the globe in person and even more of it via the internet, Ian lives with his wife and two daughters in a small idyllic village, surrounded by green fields, copses and the occasional sheep, yet located just outside the London he finally came to love.

Here, he writes gritty, violent crime thrillers full of well-rounded characters, set in and around London and its suburbs. His stories also feature the online world that most of us jump into blindly each day, but Ian exposes its dark underbelly and dramatically illustrates just how dangerous the internet can be for the unwary.


Tom Evans The Zone Show

If the producers of Homeland or 24 are looking for the next, and very relevant, topical and addictive series, look no further. Could not put it down ... great on momentum, twists and turns and detail of the dark web. Brilliant 1st novel, more please 🙂

K.F. GoodacreAcres of Ink

Meticulously planned and expertly executed, this is a thriller for the modern age. Recommended reading! If you like well-written, edge-of-your-seat thrillers, Invasion of Privacy is your next read.

Roweena HoseasonMurder, Mayhem & More

An accomplished thriller; one which leaves an obvious opening for a sequel and I’d be delighted to read that too. Sutherland has a talent for exploring the underbelly of the internet, and I look forward to exploring the dark web through his next story.


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